Pouring molds for the foot impression
We are ‘foot comfort in motion’: providing treatment aimed at improving the quality of life and lifestyle of our clients.

Our professionally run clinic is equipped with an on-site laboratory where your custom foot orthotics and footwear modifications are made.

We use only 3-dimensional casting techniques to accurately capture your foot shape. We also carry a variety of athletic and orthopaedic footwear including supportive, therapeutic sandals.

Customizing the orthotic.
In addition, custom and non-custom knee braces, and ankle braces  are available.

We are certified in fitting compression stockings and many varieties are available in stock or by special order.

We provide professional advice on appropriate footwear. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on exercises to manage your condition. We have a network of complementary healthcare professionals including osteopathy physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic.

The services offered at Ortho-Kinetics include the assessment and treatment of a variety of lower limb conditions including:

Plantar Fasciitis
Bunions and claw or hammer toes
Sports injuries
Foot and leg injuries due to accidents