Your Assessment

What to expect at your assessment:

  • A detailed history of your occupational and recreational activities; as well as your general health
  • A detailed history of your injury, pain or discomfort;
  • A postural assessment (standing)
  • A lower limb biomechanical evaluation including functional tests, muscle strength tests, ranges of motion at the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints,
  • A gait analysis (evaluating how you walk)
  • Education about your condition and the management of it
  • Advice on exercise, footwear and activities
  • A plaster cast will be made if orthotics are necessary
Plantar Flexed for Assessment

Be prepared for your appointment:

Be prepared ofr your appointment

  • A complete assessment may take from 30 to 45 minutes
  • Bring the footwear you wear most of the time including work footwear, exercise and walking shoes
  • Wear or bring loose fitting pants or shorts and removable stockings
  • There is an assessment fee of $75 or a deposit of $100 is required before a fitting appointment can be made.
  • Payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card and cash
  • OHIP does not cover the assessment cost nor the cost for services provided by a pedorthist
  • If you have extended healthcare coverage through an employer, it is your responsibility to look into whether or not you are covered for foot orthotics, custom or orthopaedic footwear, orthopaedic footwear modifications
  • Please bring your original referral(Rx) from your doctor or referring professional; we require a prescription in order to provide foot orthotics, as do most insurance companies
  • We are an agent for WSIB, Social Services and Veterans’ Affairs(DVA) so please bring your claim number, patient identification card and case worker's name with phone number
  • Please call the clinic in Cambridge at 519-650-9883 or in Oakville at 905-339-1019 to book an appointment

Cambridge Referral Form

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Oakville Referral Form

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